In the global skilling ecosystem, India occupies a unique and special place today. A developing economy with a population of 1.2 billion is by itself exciting. It is also estimated that by 2022, India will have the maximum number of working age population in the world (population between the ages 15 to 59) who could contribute to the economic growth of the nation.

We at Star Skill and Education have a goal and adopt a mission to learn youth of India in various sectors. We are vocational training provider and have our expertise in various sectors as IT/ITES, Retail, Management, Production and Manufacturing etc.

Indian industry facing a big problem of skilled people, as mostly they hire unskilled people having only basic theoretical knowledge and again they start the processing of their learning by providing them technical aspects. But this reduces the productivity and process is time consuming. So what industries are seeking that hire the skilled people and increase productivity level without providing any technical learning to them as they all are already skilled.

This scenario generates issue and a big question that how to skill people. And we stand here with the goal of skilled India. A set and updated curriculum with our expertise make it easier to understand the all methodical and technical aspects by learners. To deliver quality and to achieve our goal we are also making tie-up with different government and private bodies those are already engage in Skill Development projects.


"Thinking Skilled India."


"Mission 2022, fill the gap between industry need and skilled people."